Shutterfly Upload v1.4 released!

The much anticipated (by me, anyway 😉 ) release of version 1.4 of my Shutterfly Upload export plug-in for Adobe Lightroom has finally happened! This release contains lots of new goodies:

  • Seamless sign-in (a.k.a. application authentication)
  • Lightroom Publish Service support
  • Shutterfly “folder” support
  • integrated “help”
  • and much, much, more!

Take a look at the Change Log for a few more details, or better yet, visit the product page to download the latest-and-greatest and check it out for yourself!

For folks upgrading from a previous release of the Shutterfly Upload plug-in, I encourage you to enable the new “Seamless sign-in” option (by default, it won’t be enabled for you). Please refer to the included “help” for more information.

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