Change Log

Shutterfly Upload Plug-in Change Log


Version 1.4

New Features:

  • Seamless sign-in (a.k.a. application authentication)
  • Shutterfly “folder” support
  • allow prompting for Shutterfly album name during export process (useful for presets)
  • added entries to the Plug-in Extras section of Lightroom’s main “Help” menu
  • support for Lightroom’s “Publish Service” paradigm
  • album list refresh button wherever the folder/album pick-list is used
  • saved passwords use Lightroom’s secure password storage facility on LR v3+
  • saved passwords are no longer stored in clear text on LR v2
  • new plug-in configuration options via plug-in manager dialog

    • enable/disable Seamless sign-in
    • enable/disable publish service
    • option to include ‘folder’ metadata
    • “logging active” nag dialog
    • show/hide passwords from log file
    • ability to select a networking timeout value
    • reset all “Don’t show again” warning dialogs (LRv3+ only)

Changed Features:

  • if a password has been stored for a user ID, it will be used automatically for any export or publishing operations that use that ID (including exports initiated via a preset)
  • during export or publishing operations, the account login status will be left the way that it was found, e.g. if the user was already logged in at the start the operation, he will still be logged in when the operation completes.
  • Passwords saved with presets created by prior versions of the plug-in will not be recognized. Please utilize the new password storage facility, or enable Seamless sign-in, and update your presets.
  • the “Visit Shutterfly” export post-processing option now opens the target album in the user’s web browser.

Bugs Fixed:

  • fixed a bug that prevented the “show log file” action in the plug-in manager from working on LRv3+
  • removed use of some unsupported functionality when running on LRv3+ that makes the metadata maintenance “extra” unusable on LRv4.


Version 1.3

New Features:

  • None

Bugs Fixed:

  • allow the the following characters to be used in passwords: &<>'"
  • require a password be provided before the ‘Login’ button is enabled.
  • if login is performed during the export process, display an error dialog if a user ID or password isn’t provided.
  • on Windows, fixed the album list to properly display ‘&’ (ampersand) characters when used in an album name.


Version 1.2

New Features:

  • None

Bugs Fixed:

  • Changed to allow the “Shutterfly upload extras” metadata maintenance goodies to work on the Lightroom 3 beta platform.


Version 1.1

New Features:

  • Added custom metadata for uploaded photos that is visible in the metadata panel and can be used as a filter for creating Smart Collections, or for Library module viewing. The information saved includes:

    • the upload status,
    • the Shutterfly user ID active at the time of upload,
    • the Shutterfly album name the photo was uploaded to, and
    • the upload date and time.

    If a given image is uploaded more than once, the metadata reflects the status of the most recent upload.

  • Added a “Shutterfly Upload extras” panel (accessible from File > Plug-in Extras and Library > Plug-in Extras) to do some basic custom metadata maintenance on the selected photos. The options include the ability to:

    • remove the Shutterfly Upload metadata from the selected photos,
    • set the Shutterfly Upload status flag for the selected photos, and
    • edit some Shutterfly Upload metadata fields for the selected photos.

    These actions can be “undone” using Lightroom’s standard undo capability if the undo is performed immediately.

Bugs Fixed:

  • More informative error message in the event of unexpected login errors.
  • Added a dialog to report errors that occur during the actual upload process. This is a work-around for a bug in the Lightroom SDK.


Version 1.0

Initial version.

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